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Fat loss. Muscle gain when used with anabolic steroid. Improved skin. Healing of injuries


Miracle Skin tone improvements, Improves sleep, Strengthen immune system, Anti Aging


Anti-inflammation, stimulation of red blood cell production in bone marrow, diabetis and aids diebetic neuropathy, fast wound healing, reduces scarring.


Anti-ageing, inhibits the release of neurotransmitters that cause muscle contraction, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smooths out the appearance of fine lines, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin


Reducing fibrosis in acute and chronic diseases like heart failure, lung inflammation, and the kidneys. Aids Sperm motility, testicular descent, joint health, preeclampsia, wound healing.


Cellulite removal cream. Natural slim firming body cream. Anti cellulite slimming fat burner for shaping waist, abdomen and buttocks  


Lip moisturizing. Anti-wrinkle. Anti-aging, Replenish water. Nourish skin. Improve dry skin. Whitening. Balance water and oil. Skin elasticity.


Natural whitening cream for armpits, legs, knees, elbows and other necessary areas of the body.


Stimulates appetite, increases food intake and promotes fat storage

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