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Peptides (from Greek language πεπτός, peptós “digested”; derived from πέσσειν, péssein “to digest”) are short chains of between two and fifty amino acids, linked by peptide bonds.Chains of less than ten or fifteen amino acids are called oligopeptides, and include dipeptides, tripeptides, and tetrapeptides.

A polypeptide is a longer, continuous, and unbranched peptide chain of up to fifty amino acids. Hence, peptides fall under the broad chemical classes of biological oligomers and polymers, alongside nucleic acids, oligosaccharides, polysaccharides, and others.

When a polypeptide contains more than fifty amino acids it is known as a protein. Proteins consist of one or more polypeptides arranged in a biologically functional way, often bound to ligands such as coenzymes and cofactors, or to another protein or other macromolecule such as DNA or RNA, or to complex macromolecular assemblies.

Amino acids that have been incorporated into peptides are termed residues. A water molecule is released during formation of each amide bond.All peptides except cyclic peptides have an N-terminal (amine group) and C-terminal (carboxyl group) residue at the end of the peptide (as shown for the tetrapeptide in the image).

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Slow memory loss caused by Alzheimers disease. Down Syndrome


Massive increases in muscle mass and strength


Stimulate cortisol release  


Faster muscle mass growth, superior fat-burning power


Increases alertness and wakefulness,  improve memory, treatment of narcolepsy


Burn fat. Endurance (sustain output)


Anti-ageing, inhibits the release of neurotransmitters that cause muscle contraction, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and smooths out the appearance of fine lines, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin


Super fast joint, tendon, ligament healing. Heal wounds in internal organs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, skin, internal lacerations from surgery, etc


Promotes production of growth hormone


Is CJC-1295 with extended lifespan


Medically used to treat insomnia


Increase of human lifespan by lengthening telomeres in human cells, promotion of deeper sleep, delay and prevention of age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and dementia. Anti-oxidant and normalizes T cell function. Improvement of skin health and appearance, healing of injured and deteriorating muscle cells, restores melatonin levels in older people who have lost some pineal function due to aging, can increases resistance to emotional stress


Stimulates red blood cell production. Treat certain forms of anaemia


Wound healing and antiaging skin care ++ - Antioxidant and anti-Inflammatory properties - Stimulates blood vessel growth - Increases neurotrophins - Gene regulator - Reverse gene silencing


Stimulation of GH secretion. Appetite promotion. Fat mass decrease. Muscle mass increase. Lowering of cholesterol level. Skin and bones state improvement. Defence of the liver and anti-inflammatory action.


Fat loss. Muscle gain when used with anabolic steroid. Improved skin. Healing of injuries


Skin colour lightening. Promote protein metabolism


Delayed puberty, Infertility in males caused by pituitary or hypothalamus problems


Increase endurance, Melt fat


Boosts testosterone levels during steroid cycle and maintains testicle size


Strong muscle repair. Conservative fat loss and muscle gains

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