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Peptide Based Creams – A range of brand name creams that contain peptides being produced locally under license for reputable international companies.

We have sourced cream formulas from around the world and have acquired licensing to produce these locally. These creams contain ingredients in line with our company, and are formulated so as to have warranted them being hand picked by Research Peptides for production and sale, to ensure that the product works well and gives our customers the expected result

These peptide based creams are for cosmetic improvement oo ones self, they are safe to use and contain no harmful chemicals. We do note that many of these are being counterfeited around the world and as is the case with all of our product offerings we ensure customers that these are the working products being produced and sold with the consent of the brand owners.


Cellulite removal cream. Natural slim firming body cream. Anti cellulite slimming fat burner for shaping waist, abdomen and buttocks  


Lip moisturizing. Anti-wrinkle. Anti-aging, Replenish water. Nourish skin. Improve dry skin. Whitening. Balance water and oil. Skin elasticity.


Natural whitening cream for armpits, legs, knees, elbows and other necessary areas of the body.


Lanbena scar removal cream for new and old scars - stretch mark relief and burn repair, acne mark removal natural peptide and herbal extracts


Infused with peptides and other natural ingredients such as Sophora, Phellodendron, Angelica and Safflower it can effectively relieve blood circulation, dredge the veins, and help reduce the appearance of varicose veins.

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