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Peptide Nasal Spray Catalogue

Buy peptide nasal sprays and weight loss capsules from Research Peptides. Please see below our selection of peptide nasal sprays and capsules.


Regulate reproduction functions. Effects on emotion : Relaxation,trust, psychological stability


Achieve the highest state of cognitive functioning. Help stroke victims recover brain function. Aid neural regeneration in the case of Alzheimers


Learning and memory improvement. Increased sensory attention. Increased curiosity. Increased mental clarity. Restoration of balance of serotonergic and noradrenergic brain system activity. Anti-anxiety. Antiviral activity.Psychostimulant. Anti-asthenic. Increased mental energy. Stabilization of mood and overall feeling of wellbeing. Reversal of anhedonia. Potential restoration of catecholaminergic system functions after damage due to drug abuse


Treat stroke. Transient ischemic attack. Reduce Memory and cognitive disorders. Eradicate peptic ulcers. Optic nerve disease. Combat depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Prevent memory loss due to aging. Boost the immune system. Cure glaucomatous optic neuropathy


Combats obesity. Fat burner. Thyroid repair. Reduce appetite. Increase metabolism

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