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    Nasal Sprays & Capsules
    Our Banking Details

    Please deposit into account :

    • Account Name : Research Peptides South Africa (Pty) Ltd
    • Bank Name : Nedbank, The Glen.
    • Branch Code : 138537
    • Account # : 1185760466
    • Please whatsapp photo of proof of payment to (+27) 60 997 4604 or email proof of payment to
    Next Steps

    We will review your submission within 12 hours and respond.

    What happens next ?

    1. We generate your invoice and send it to your email address with the banking details on the invoice.
    2. We then require your proof of payment to be sent to us by email.
    3. We dispatch the order as we receive Proof of payment.
    4.  Should we not have all stock, we dispatch what we have in stock to you along with all bacterial water needed for the order and 10  free syringes
      per order.
    5. We send you the tracking number for postnet or courier service by whatsapp or email
    6. You collect your parcel or it is delivered 1 day later. Should proof of payment be received before 12pm on day of order, alternatively the order will be delivered the following day.

    Common questions answered !

    • All payments are in advance.
    • Shipments include 10 syringes (subject to availability) and all bacteriostatic water.
    •  Payment can be only be made in the following way : Bank Transfer (EFT).
    • All products are manufactured by Research Peptides. Our laboratory is based in Pretoria, South Africa.
    • We ship anywhere in South Africa counter to counter, Postnet, or door to door by a courier of your choice.
    • All products are labelled individually and packaged in safe temperature secured enclosures for transit.